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La Salle College High School

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Priority #1 - New Indoor Athletic Center

Building a new landmark facility to serve a thriving sports program, expand fitness opportunities for all students, and provide event and gathering space.

"This stunning facility will give us the space our evolving extracurricular programs need and benefit every member of our school community."

- Robert Zanneo, Athletic Administrator


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The Project

A $35 million facility located adjacent to the school's tennis courts, featuring a multipurpose gym large enough for two basketball courts; an expansive weight room; four squash courts; a wrestling room, cardio room, and trainer's room - all amply sized to meet our program's needs - along with welcoming common areas and gathering spaces.

The Purpose

To support a remarkably successful athletic program that has far outgrown available indoor space. With 47 teams in 19 different sports and 71 percent of all our students participating, Explorer athletics is an integral part of the La Salle experience. It provides unique opportunities for personal growth and teaches invaluable lessons in teamwork, dedication, and perseverance.

The Impact

The Center will provide our teams with vastly expanded space, letting more athletes stay on campus and train in the seasons they need to, as well as earlier in the day. More boys will be home with their families for dinner more often. It will also provide a home to intramural sports, to individual students and staff interested in weight training and fitness, and to assemblies and events.