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La Salle College High School

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Priority #2 - Classroom Transformation

"These 21st century classrooms will inspire and support more powerful and innovative ways of teaching and learning."

- James Fyke, Principal


A Path to Technology

The Project

The complete renovation of approximately 40 existing instructional spaces to create 21st century classrooms. Following the model of two highly successful prototype classrooms completed in 2022, these new rooms will be fully equipped with digital technology and flexibly furnished to allow for easy reconfiguration.


The Purpose

To enhance teaching and learning by creating an environment in which students can work together in groups of varied sizes that can form and reform several times in a single period, while making use of seamlessly integrated digital technology.



The Impact

To foster student engagement and interaction in many forms, empowering our young men to be active explorers, collaborators, and problems solvers rather than passive receivers of information—a model of learning we know to be highly effective.